Daria Hanson

Change Facilitator

Life is what you make out of it.
Are you willing to create it greater than your dreams?


What is Different

about me and the system I use to facilitate change?

Here is My Story...

What Is Possible?

What is available to you?

There is a whole world that you probably have not yet experienced.

The world where All of Life Comes To You With Ease, Joy and Glory™. Is this something you have been seeking?

  • Laser Sessions

    30 minutes to change patterns and systems that keep you from having ease in life.

  • Mega Session

    How much change can you have in 1 hour? Are you ready to go deep into the root of the issue? 

  • Masterclasses

    Masterclass that would allow you to change the foundation of your life and create greater


There is one constant in life... and that is CHANGE. 

Change is what creates new possibilities and new life. 

Being a Woman with Ease

Creating Beyond

Receiving with Ease

One on One Coaching

Access Bars™

Access Consciousness ™ Foundation

Kids are always a contribution

Speaking Engagements

If you are looking for wacky and weird tools that work, Daria has them! She gets to the root of what is actually occurring and helps you dissolve it from the space of kindness, vulnerability and peace.

John Slagorsky, Business Owner

Daily we try to find  ways to enhance our lives.

What does it take to actualize that enhancement? 
Why do you still not gather the fruits of your efforts? 

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